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Meet Karla Lang

Karla has committed her life to her own personal transformation to live her best life and is committed to helping other professional women do the same. Karla’s life-changing transformational workshops and programs receive impressive feedback from participants.  Women now feel empowered and able to rise up to the next step in their careers and in their lives. 

Karla was raised in an entrepreneurial farming family.  Her parents bought a 100 acre farm in 1972 for $1000.  Forty-five years later it is a multi million dollar cash crop, grain elevator operation devoted to excellence in agriculture.   Karla was also born in 1972, her childhood was focused on, with all her family members, being an integral part of helping to run the business.  This life experience she received greatly shaped the woman in business that shows up before you today.  A woman living a balanced life, confident and valued for what she can bring to the table. 

Karla is a single mother of three children and a cat.   Karla understands exactly the struggles and consequences of working full time, being a mother and trying to keep the feeling of overwhelm and stress at bay.  Karla has mastered a life in balance that lets her live in openness, ease and connection to her femininity. In her “magical spare time” she enjoys sailing, rowing, knitting and giving her friend the “ok I guess so” eye roll when she asks to join her in a run.

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