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Powerful Women Immersion Weekend

If you feel like you're ignored at work, devalued for what you bring to the meeting room, or your co-workers don't  listen to you,  then you should definitely be a part of this event. 

After spending the weekend with us, you'll gain the confidence to speak your truth authentically from your feminine power, and receive the respect you deserve in the boardroom, in your business, and in your home. 
Now is the time for all women to find their authentic voice and bring their heart centred feminine leadership to the business world. Now is the time for women to bond together and support each other as we bring our gifts into the world. Now is the time for YOU!!
Lead with your heart from your  Feminine Power - which is "Power With" vs Power Over.  True authentic heart centred  feminine leadership is what the world needs. You can be a leader of that paradigm shift.
After this weekend you will be guided by your inner knowing to create business relationships with consciousness, connection, and collaboration.
Highlights & Benefits of the Powerful Women Immersion Weekend:

The Powerful Women Immersion Weekend will create a space for you to be relaxed, indulgent, and connected to yourself so that you create flow in your life, and begin to walk your “Red Carpet Life”TM.

You will leave with all the tools you need to RISE UP and take your life to the next level – feeling worthy, feeling connected, and knowing how to take the next steps to achieve what you want.  Women that have attended Karla’s events now are

  • Making more money
  • Increasing their free time
  • Confidently asking for the raise they deserve
  • Better decision makers.

And you will too!  All while being surrounded by women just like you, who want the same things you do.

Start NOW, to walk your “Red Carpet Life”TM

Where is the June Event? 

Karla's Home
near Owen Sound, Ontario,

Tel: 519-270-9988



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